Dark Souls of Strahd

First Session.
Arriving in Barovia

Starting off our new campaign that is a mix between Dark Souls and Curse of Strahd. The players are introduced and the game started.

The players start huddled around a bonfire, they are currently camped out in the middle of the forest, the reason for this is currently under developed. 

A face appears in the campfire and a female voice tells the players that they are required to die to ignite the flame. – More will be explained later. 

Players die either through suicide or alternate means. 

Upon awaking the players realise that they are currently in the same spot as they were before but something is different. The area around them is a lot darker and creepier then before. 

Players encounter a Banshee. 

Players arrive in the small town of Barovia and head into the church.

Talk to the priest and then agree to help "cure" his son. 

Half the group attempts to kill the vampire child in the basement.

Plan goes poorly and the players have to retreat. 


I'm looking forward to see where this goes. :)


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